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The Cofares Group and Ayla dt collaborate to make pharmacy management software available to pharmacists. This application is the most advanced in the market and allows to simplify in a safe, intuitive and easy way the management to optimize the maximum resources.

This system allows to manage the pharmacy at any time and from any place, since the user only needs a browser to access and display all the information, not only the queries but also the decision making. It works from any current device, which simplifies and makes it even easier to use.

"We establish a close, simple and frequent channel with pharmacy professionals"

Modern times make available to pharmacists a multitude of tools to simplify the management tasks and increase the profit margin. With Farmanager you can take advantage of these advances and implement in your business an outstanding system of web technology that allows, among other advantages, to communicate in the same language as all electronic recipes..

Get to know Farmanager

Farmanager is a new integral solution of Cofares for the simple and effective management of the pharmacy office.

Dispenses quickly and easily

Control your sales and cash registers

Manage your purchases

Bill your recipes

Promote your pharmacy

Get to know your Patient

Ensure your customers loyalty

Intelligence and profitability

One of the most outstanding features of this application is the intelligence with which it manages the processes of the pharmacy office in search of greater profitability and efficiency. For example, with the formulation of proposals for preferred items for sale, multi-price management or automated order management that allows orderly transaction to suppliers and concatenation of faults.

"We make it possible to integrate electronic commerce with pharmacy software"

The most complete solution for managing your daily tasks

It offers a multitude of advantages that favor an increase in sales increasing by 31% the average ticket of customers with loyalty card, 11% the average PVP and around 19% of the units per ticket.


Up to 4 points rise in the rotation index.


Know at all times how many units you have in each warehouse

Fast and intuitive sales

Dispense several electronic prescriptions in a single operation

Price comparison between suppliers

Save the most in your purchases

Intelligent Order Management

Check your order status

Average ticket

Check the average ticket of all sales.

This innovative management software ensures the comprehensive security of all data and access to it. Allows a total administration of the different profiles and accesses, hierarchizing its use to give it greater control and security.