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IT Security

As technology experts, we know that safety is a fundamental pillar when it comes to developing a competent and competitive work in this sector, so we put a greater emphasis on training our clients than they need to be calm.


We analyze your company with the objective of offering you the best solutions and the best security plan, adapted to your needs. Our security audit focuses on auditing the company's infrastructures from a security standpoint.

Test Penetracion Icono Penetration Test
The penetration test designed by our staff pretends to simulate the activity of an alleged attacker who would like to compromise the assets of the organization or company. We carry out internal white box tests and external black box tests to verify the company's safety levels. We carry out the penetration tests both in the technological infrastructures of the company and in its web presence on the internet (platforms, portals, web presence).

Codigos Aplicaciones Iconos Application code analysis
We carry out an exhaustive analysis of the code of the applications developed by the company with the purpose of verifying and certifying that they are exempt of security holes.


From AYLA we offer the implementation of the best security solutions in the market, our collaboration with companies in the security area allows us to access the best solutions in the market, such as:

Latest Generation Firewalls.

Endpoint Antivirus and centralized systems

Critical Server Performance Antivirus.

Backup and Disaster
Recovery Solution.

Easy and effective encryption for your business.

Protection against security threats
caused by the human factor.

Advanced security for computers,
mobile devices and file servers.

Multi-Step Authentication for Employees.

Access and control systems.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)


We know that the best of all security plans always has the same weak point, the user. From Ayla we offer training adapted to the workers of the companies with which we collaborate, with the aim that they increase their capacities to detect possible threats and to reduce the risks as much as possible. We also offer training to systems teams and IT managers, improving their knowledge of the main security applications and the potential risks of your company, helping them to improve security levels.

"Make of your employees the first line of defense of the company"

We offer all the necessary service for the launch and growth of your project.

We offer consulting services and advice for the strengthening of IT security infrastructures. We perform security audits at the hardware and network levels, as well as the source codes themselves.

We offer services of development and implementation of technological solutions that defend the integrity and privacy of the system. We offer a maintenance and monitoring service to protect them at all times.

We provide the best and most up-to-date technological tools on the market that contribute to having safer and more efficient organizational environments.


Collaboration with some of the most important companies in the sector allows us to offer our customers the latest safety technology, as far as safety is concerned.