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Document Management Platform

Plataforma Personalizada Own platform for managing County Council and Regional bulletins
Innovative system that allows an agile and effective access, in addition to a notable simplification in the management of publications. All this with the best design and all necessary security measures to guarantee the integrity of the data.

Gestion Documental County Council document management
We have all the necessary tools for a complete management of the administrative activity simplifying the processes and saving costs thanks to the efficiency and functionality of the solution.

Iconos Reloj The organization that will save you a lot of time
All the modules you need to manage the administrative activity and order it to simplify tasks

Iconos Instalamos Rapid deployment
We go to your town hall and we leave it working.

Firewall Iconos A stable and effective solution
Secure technology and excellent functionality that will bring great savings in administrative costs and time.

Local Treasury

We offer a specialized service in the economic-financial field for the local administrations.

Competent solutions to efficiently and intuitively manage the collection of taxes, the organization of virtual offices or even able to create transparency portals.

County Council Portals

Creating the necessary spaces to give you needed on the web. With a novel design and the greater functionality that perfectly adapt to the demands of each municipality, enhancing its strengths. All this with the guarantee of the best standards in security and data protection.

Case Of Success

Platform for newsletters programmed entirely by Ayla, a modern version that equates the provincial bulletin to the top newsletters of this country.

Providing improvements in handling and management, which simplify the location of information and the usability of the new platform

Main improvements

Publications Management

A simple ad entry system that works in deferred with the Moderation of the County Council. The advertiser can publish with a single click

Design Improvements

Modern and responsive design adaptable to any device,
Convenient and easy to use

Search enhancements

With an innovative and efficient search system with tags, categories and
special filters

Improvements in access to information

With the implementation of a system of alerts and notifications for registered users,
it can offer an On-demand content.


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