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In Ayla dt we have an expert consulting team, which with its assistance and advice is able to align the organization necessary to implement an appropriate strategy to achieve success in its transformations. This will redirect efforts towards better overall performance to meet business objectives.

Our consulting service provides assistance both in the strategic phase and in its subsequent operational development. We are characterized by working closely with our clients, focusing on results, with personalized solutions, simple and practical. We aim to support the changes and continuous improvement, in a corporate way and getting involved in the goals of the organization.

How do we do it

Team of business partners or visitors
They listen to the customer in order to detect their shortages or needs. They inform the customer of news and improvements of products or services. They conduct quality surveys.

Business consultants
Taking of requirements. Elaboration of the project. Customized proposal. Assignment of the implantation and / or development team.

Implementation Team
Directed by the assigned business consultant. Installation and adaptation of basic hardware and software systems. Software installation (ERP) and data migration.

Implementation Methodology

We use the Agile Implementation Methodology (AIM), is a proven working technique to solve the problem that arises when implementing any ERP system.

This working methodology detects the possible improvements to be made in the processes and the possibility of a fully efficient implementation in record time. It is able to adapt and help make the system operational with all the necessary resources.